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Interested in Becoming a Tech-This Blog Contributor?

Tech-This welcomes bloggers and tech experts to contribute high-quality software products and technology content to our blog. You can also publish your unique and newsworthy Press Releases. 

If you have exceptional writing and/or tech skills and would like to share your expertise with our audience, we’d love to hear from you.

Why write for Tech-This?

  • Connect with global Software and Technology audience.

  • Share your area of expertise in an effective manner with Tech-This.

  • Get visibility for your software brands and technology development companies through Press Release.

  • Spread your latest news with an exclusive update to your audience.

  • Share your unique thoughts and views on the hottest topics you’d love to discuss.

  • It’s free.

The type of articles we welcome

  • How-To Guides

  • Case Studies

  • Review of B2B Products

  • Opinions

  • Startup information

  • Practical advice and guides for businesses

  • 101 Articles

  • Infographics

  • Comparison Articles

  • Tech News Posts

  • Tutorial Articles

  • Experiment / Analysis

Topics we cover:

  • Marketing Automation Software

  • Real Estate Software

  • Complaint Management Software

  • IoT Software

  • Product Development 

  • Market Research Software

  • Online CRM Software

  • Financial Technology, PropTech, Healthcare Technology, Marketplaces, E-commerce, 

  • App Development Software

  • Business Continuity software

  • Construction Management Software

  • CMS Software

  • Web and Web App Development

  • Any information Technology related news

We don’t cover:

  • Offline marketing like direct mail, digital signage/displays

  • Infographics made by other businesses

  • Syndicated content

  • Posts that are too technical, editorial, or vague

  • Paid promos

  • Grammatically or Semantically incorrect articles

  • Anything that’s been covered on our blog before. Please do a search of our site before submitting your articles.

  • Anything that may be construed as a link-building scheme.

  • Anything that’s too promotional for your company or organization.

  • Anything that’s offensive or inaccurate.

  • Anything that’s overly critical of individuals or companies.

Contributor Guidelines

  • Submit only original, unique, and well-written posts.

  • Bring your best research.

  • Pick a great and catchy title.

  • Split your subheadings for a clear view and understanding.

  • Write engaging content with great readability.

  • Use short paragraphs and subheadings for maintaining content flow.

  • Minimum word count must be 1200 Words for the blog.

  • Minimum word count must be 500 Words for a Press Release (It includes Headline, News Summary, News Body, and Boilerplate)

  • Please make sure that the content has not any grammatical issues, spelling, punctuation, style, and enhancement errors.

  • We don’t accept promotional content, please deliver content with educational values.

  • Please provide the required visuals (images, videos, infographics) along with your quality content. (not previously published anywhere else, including your own site).

  • The author bio should be 120 words or less and please include a link to your LinkedIn or Twitter.

  • Use 1-3 links from our website on previous blog posts or other pages.

How to submit the article

  1. Conduct research on our site and see if we did or didn’t cover your topic before.

  2. Format your post appropriately.

  3. Submit your pitch of finished blog post to our Contact Form with the following:

  • Formatted subject line: “Guest Post: [Tentative Title of Post]”

  • Your completed post or pitch in a Google Document with editing permissions turned on for “anyone with the link.”

  • If you’re including images, make sure they’re compressed and add them into the Google Document, and provide proper attribution below each image (e.g., image source).

  • Short author bio, headshot, and any links to your LinkedIn or Twitter account you’d like linked.

  • If your article meets editorial standards and aligns with our content strategy, we will respond to let you know your article will be published. That process may take up to 2 weeks and the publish date could exceed this timeline based on the needs of our editorial calendar.